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Elevate your brand with our cutting-edge marketing strategies and systems. Optimize conversions and stand out in the market with our expert services.


Transform your brand identity with our strategic branding solutions. Our proven systems enhance visibility and resonate with audiences, ensuring a powerful business presence

Business Development

Fuel business growth with our dynamic development strategies. Elevate your brand through expertly crafted systems that maximize opportunities and drive sustainable success.

Building A Brand System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

How can your integrated services enhance my business?

A: Our comprehensive approach merges marketing, branding, and business development seamlessly. Elevate your brand with tailored strategies and streamline operations with our cutting-edge "Building a Brand CRM.

Why choose "Building a Brand CRM" over other CRM solutions?

Unlike standard CRMs, ours is crafted for businesses aiming to strengthen their brand. Enjoy a personalized touch, from marketing to development, all within one powerful platform. Experience efficiency like never before.

How can I be sure your services align with my business goals?

A: Schedule a consultation to discover the tailored solutions we offer. Our experts will analyze your unique needs, showcasing how our integrated approach and specialized CRM can amplify your brand's success.

How can your integrated services benefit my business specifically?

A: Our unique approach combines Jeremy Patton's expertise in marketing, branding, and business development for a tailored solution. Discover how our infusion of strategies aligns with your goals—schedule a consultation to unlock personalized insights.

What sets "Building A Brand With Jeremy Patton" apart from other service providers?

A: Jeremy Patton brings a personal touch to your brand journey. Our services go beyond the conventional, and with our namesake CRM, we redefine excellence. Curious? Book a consultation to explore the unparalleled advantages we bring to the table.

How can I be confident that your services align with my brand's vision?

A: Uncover the perfect fit for your brand during a consultation. Jeremy Patton and our team will delve into your aspirations, showcasing how our holistic services and specialized CRM can elevate your brand uniquely. Let's build your brand together—schedule a consultation now.

Our Story

Our story is simple. We are here to help usher you and your business to massive growth through Marketing | Branding | & Business Development


Cecilia James

Working with Jermey P. was a trouble-free experience. Jeremy is great with helping bring clarification for business visuals . Jeremy is on time and reliable , he was able to provide Digital Media for my online store marketing after meeting with me to hear my Business overall vision. If you require any further assistance in Business Marketing/Management Jeremy P. is a great resource.

~ @Cecil.cr

Help From A Sister

Very knowledgeable and patient...

~ @HelpFromASister

Confidence Coach Marion Swingler

I am so very grateful for BABWJP!

Their care, attentiveness, and innovative business savvy helped me to have the skills, tools, and team I need to grow my business to an empire!

They didn’t just tell me what to do they listed and helped me clarify, formulate, and launch my brand and products while advising me to broaden my vision to maximize opportunities in clever ways.

From logo’s to books, social media to speaking engagements, marketing to leaving an inheritance, you can’t go wrong with the brilliance of Jeremy and his team at BABWJP!


~ @MarionSwingler

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